Tom O'Brien


My Projects

These are some of my other, non-commercial projects that I have worked on or am currently working on.

  • Physics and Graphics


    Last year I developed a cloth simulation using DirectX 10 and Verlet Integration. It included many features such as self-collision, primitive collisions, burning, cutting and tearing.

    Source available at Github

  • Early Redesign


    I am currently working alongside Blake Wood in redesigning his game Dolly in Unity3D. While it is in the early stages, fundamental gameplay features have been designed and implemented. The original can be found here.

  • Split - Level Select


    Alongside my other roles and responsibilities while developing Split, I designed and implemented a level select system to accurately convey the game's style and mood.

  • Alt Ctrl Gaming


    As a component of my NZGDC 2016 talk with Farah Khalaf, I designed and implemented a game focussing on the use of interpersonal interaction. It uses HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, p5.js and

Hi, I'm Tom

I make puns and video games.

I am gameplay designer and programmer currently residing in Wellington, New Zealand.

I work as a programmer at Dinosaur Polo Club, working on Mini Metro. In the last year, I have designed and released several new maps for the game, while assisting in other areas of the game's development post-release.

While at university, I was a co-founder of Itsfine Games, a small indie game development company. In early 2016 we released our first title, Split.

My experience includes working with both Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, with a strong understanding of C++ and C#.

I also have familiarity with various other third-party SDKs, such as the Steamworks API and Playstation 4 / Vita development.

If you have any inquiries, or if you just want to chat game development, feel free to contact me at

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