Developed by A44 in Unreal Engine 4.
Set in a sprawling open world, Ashen is a tight, 3rd person, skill-based action RPG about guiding your wanderer through a newly lit world. Fight alongside others, forge friendships and defeat the creatures of shadow determined to cast the world back into darkness.
Explore mysterious dungeons, fight epic bosses and explore diverse regions filled with gorgeous vistas and mythical creatures. Meet characters along the way who will join you on your journey and turn your home into a lively town. In this new era of light, you must protect the Ashen and destroy the hungering shadows once and for all.

Role and Responsibilities

Programming & Design

2016 - 2017
  • Contribute to the early design and iteration of Ashen.
  • Assist in the foundation of core mechanic designs, including combat style, player locomotion and world exploration.
  • Create and maintain the internal wiki to capture core design decisions, world story, quest content and any other relevant design information.
  • Write and distribute the weekly ‘Design Digest’ to keep the team up-to-date with the latest design explorations and progress.
  • Implement various gameplay systems, including quests, town progression and combat encounters.
  • Extend the networking capabilities of the game, including integrating Steam multiplayer, and furthering the matchmaking capabilities.
  • Work with other designers to develop editor tools and workflows to ease content creation.
  • Profile and optimize core systems and visual effects to reach performance targets on PC and Xbox.


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